Archanes, A Unique life crossroad!

Located at the proud land of Crete, holding a rich historical and cultural journey of 5000 years, Archanes village is a timeless value. The space and time acquire a special significance here. It is just 10 km from Knossos and 15 km from Heraklion. The origin of Archanes name (Arch, ah) has been connected from the Minoan period with the water, which was abundant in the area and then transported to Knossos Palaces for water supply.

In a dazzling natural environment, which is dominated by the Jiouktas mountain, the settlement – an epitome of sustainable development- constantly evolves, it is very well preserved, but also modern, making a truly unique destination for year-round (Second Prize: Urban Regeneration in the European Union). The village consists of small beautiful neighborhoods, such as Troullos, Tourkogeitonia, Tzami, Konaki, Acropolis, which are places full of colors and energy, spread in the uniquely beautiful Cretan landscape with the lush gorges, gentle hills and fruitful plains.

Visitors have the opportunity to explore the unspoiled nature, participate in voluntary activities, visit archaeological sites, developing unique feelings of freedom and authenticity and discovering individual life experiences. We look forward to welcoming you to the known, to the ends of the earth, Cretan hospitality, because our guest is unique for us.

Have a unique experience and a happy life adventure, explore ancient trails and discover Archanes, a unique LIFE CROSSROAD that every visitor should enjoy!!!

Archeological Sites – Museums

It is definitely worth it to visit our museums and archaeological sites. You may visit the Archaeological Museum of Archanes which hosts the antiquities found in Fourni (Royal Tombs, Vathipetro, Tourkogeitonia, Youchtas Minoan Sanctuary), the Folklore Museum, the Museum of World War I and II and the Museum of Cretan History and Tradition. We also recommend visiting the Minoan Palace of Archanes that is located in Tourkogeitonia and came to light in 1964. The palace was equally grand with the palace of Knossos and apparently joined with the latter with strong bonds. The Aqueduct Morosini is also particularly interesting and it is located in the gorge of Agia Irini.

Tradition and Cultural Events

The Cretan diet is the subject of scientific research and is known for its positive effects on health and longevity of its inhabitants. Meet the local food habits, watch the traditional way of preparing meals and sweets and participate in kneading and baking bread in oven. Discover the traditions and customs of the village, participate in cultural events of Archanes, live every moment in our festivals, the musical events, learn traditional dances, watch theatrical performances and outdoor cinema.

Rural Tourism

  • From August 20 until the end of September, you can participate in picking the grapes and the wine making process on the Wine making Cooperative Industry of Archanes municipality.
  • Since the beginning of November until the end of January, you can take part in picking olives and in the production process of oil at the local mill.
  • From late October to early January, you may watch the distillation of grapes in the reputed coppers (Rakokazana) where raki is produced and afterwards the grandiose celebrations that are organized with the participation of all attendees.
  • You can enjoy a visit to a local laboratory for preparing sweets and jam, as well as the process of vine leaves and snails standardizing.
  • You will be charmed by “Eleni”, the restored olive oil factory, where you will discover timeless ways of extracting the precious fruit.

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